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15.12.2000: I have to take out the JTreeFramework for a while... :-(
Sorry folks, I have to take out the JTreeFramework for a while, but I promise you to bring it back with much more features as my DTreeFramework! Stay tuned!

29.10.2000: At the end... I managed to put all the sourcecode at the SourceForge!
Sorry for delay... I was very busy with the OpenUSS project. But thanks to Kees Kuip (he remained me of this), I can manage to upload all the sourcecode to the SourceForge. From now on, JTreeFramework and DTreeFramework will be hosted by SourceForge. The homepage of MyFrameworks stays at Tripod. I also changed the licence of both products to LGPL. Refer to for detail.

29.5.2000: I have a new open source project!
The project is called OpenUSS - Open Source University Support System. The project is now online, thank's to SourceForge!

28.5.2000: It's a long time since I update this page...
I put a new game called Selector (only in German). It is an activeX component. So you need Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or 5 to start that game. Have fun!

27.3.2000: Links collection for open source projects
I try to collect all of open source projects in internet. I hope you'll find it useful.

23.3.2000: I've joined the affiliate program from Tripod to support this site.
American Greetings, Lycos, Action Ace, etc. support this program. So if you want to support this site just klick their banners. Thank's! BTW, if you want to get the source code for both frameworks just send me an email! At the end of this month I'll change the status of this project into an open source project. The programs in the "coming up soon" section will be released as open source as well.

20.3.2000: I've put this site in Open Source Java and JARS. I hope you can find this site easily now.
I'll be thankful for your suggestion and idea, just let me know.

9.3.2000: Maybe I'll change the status of these frameworks into an open source project?.
If you're interested in, please let me know. I also need some sponsors. Maybe someone wants to be a sponsor? For all the sponsors: You can put your ad. at the top and bottom of this portal. Just tell me and send me an email!

20.2.2000: Free Frameworks from
Hi Volks! This is a very good news for you! You can download and use JTreeFramework for Java and DTreeFramework for Delphi for free!! Just one klick and you can use it by your project! Please tell me, if you like these products and feel free to contact me!


Top 10 of MyFrameworks
OpenUSS - Open University Support System
This is the first Open Source Project for an administration system aiming to support universities and faculties. Our mission is to establish a standard OpenUSS API (Open University Support System Application Programming Interface) for a system that can be used for all universities and faculties.

JTreeFramework for Java
This is a framework for making a typical application nowadays. Just like Windows-Explorer. Use this for Java! Look at the screen shot!

DTreeFramework for Delphi
This is a framework for making a typical application nowadays. Just like Windows-Explorer. Use this for my favorite programming language Delphi! Look at the screen shot!

Coming up soon:

Bakery-Blues Application
This is an application for using in bakery in Germany. It also uses german as a language. Written in Delphi 1. All of moduls are included: order, cash, invoice and many others.

Notes-Blues Application
This is an application for making some little notes. Written in Delphi 2 and is in german language.

InterUSS (Internet University Support System)
A complete system for managing university and students. Written in Delphi 3. All source codes will be  included! (German).

You can put your frameworks and components right here...
If you want to, just contact me and I'll put your framework and component right here!



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